AC Replacement in Lascassas, TN

Because summers are getting hotter, every homeowner needs a way to coll the house down to comfortable levels. Having a good AC system is one way to cool down a house on an ongoing basis. Multiple fans and portable air conditioning units do not give the nice even temperature we all want and need. One dependable unit to cool the whole house efficiently is the ideal condition. If you have an existing central air conditioning unit, you must keep it well-maintained. Every AC unit has a limited lifespan and must eventually be replaced.

Have Your Air Conditioning Equipment Serviced

Air conditioning equipment is more complicated than you might think. You can do some minor maintenance such as cleaning visible parts of the system, changing air filters, and making sure the unit has plenty of space around it and plenty of space around the vents. But, when the condenser goes out or the unit starts acting wrong and not cooling efficiently, you need to call in the experts.

The experts at Affordable Air Solutions can check out your whole air conditioning system and fix or service what can be fixed. Then, they can give you a realistic report about the condition of your equipment. Will it last for several more years or does it need to be replaced? Air Conditioning Replacement can represent a sizable investment so you want to find the perfect new system for you and your house.

Signs That Tell You Your AC Unit Needs Replacing

No one wants to replace expensive cooling equipment before they have to. But, once these signs are present, it is time to shop for a new system:

    • Air conditioning equipment has an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years with HVAC systems lasting a little longer at 15 to 20 years. After this time, the unit will start working less efficiently. The new units are more energy-efficient and will save you money on utility bills.
    • You are not getting sufficient cold air or no cold air. Time to call a professional in to check for low freon levels or a broken compressor. AC Replacement in Lascassas, TN might be the best action to take. The new unit will save you money and keep the house more comfortable.
    • The airflow is not very good. If your air conditioning equipment is not blowing out as much air as it used to, it could be wearing out or need repairs.
    • If you start finding moisture and leakage such as pools of water around your AC unit, this means trouble. Leaking coolant can be dangerous and leaking water can damage the area around the unit.
    • When new noises start coming to your air conditioning equipment, it means something major is wrong. Loud grinding, banging, squealing, or rattling are not good sounds to hear. They can signal broken AC parts. Turn the unit off and call in an AC professional to examine it.
    • When some areas may still be getting cool but others are not being cooled, something is definitely wrong with the system. Thermostats not seeming to work are another troubling sign.
    • Finally, if your AC equipment needs to be repaired more and more often, it is time to get a new system that will be more dependable.

Choose the Right HVAC Company

Because replacing air conditioning equipment is a sizable investment, choose both the company and the product carefully. HVAC Technicians in Lascassas, TN can be found at companies like Affordable Air Solutions. We are an essential services contractor near you. We offer free home analysis of existing AC equipment, Affordable pricing for our services and products, 24-hour service for emergencies with AC units, and best of all, our technicians are well-trained, certified, licensed, and insured.

We have many useful services to offer our customers. They include HVAC maintenance and re[pairs, new equipment installation and replacement, indoor air quality management, water heater installation, and commercial heating and cooling. Our company has served the middle Tennessee area for 30+ years giving the best service. We even won the Middle Tennessee Best in Business of 2019 award for an HVAC Contractor.

Deciding to Repair or Replace

So many improvements have been made in air conditioning systems in the last few years that replacing an old system with a new one might pay off in energy savings and efficiency. New air conditioners use better refrigerant and less electricity. They take up less space in the home. With the repair costs adding up, it might be more cost-effective to replace the air conditioning system if it is more than eight or nine years old.

But, if the existing air conditioning system is working well and is relatively new, keep it well-maintained and serviced and it might last for several more good years. Your AC technician can examine your equipment and help you decide which way to go.