Ductless Mini Split Services in Lascassas, TN

Summers here in Lascassas may not get as hot as they do in some portions of the south, but that doesn’t mean we need our air conditioners any less. When the temperatures outside begin to rise, those indoors tend to soar even higher. Without a properly working air conditioner, your home could end up being hot, sticky, and uncomfortable. All that excess heat and humidity creates a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew as well. Of course, when winter rolls around, we’re all grateful for the heating systems that help keep us warm and comfortable.

If you’re looking to replace your outdated or malfunctioning HVAC system with a more efficient and effective solution, Affordable Air Solutions has the answer you’re looking for. Ductless Mini Splits provide all the heating and cooling you need from a single source, and we’re the area’s go-to company for HVAC services.

Ductless Mini Split Systems for Lascassas Homeowners

Mini-split systems are becoming increasingly popular in our area. They’re affordable, effective alternatives to central heating and air conditioning and old, inefficient window units and space heaters. Here at Affordable Air Solutions, we’re your mini-split experts. If you’re interested in taking advantage of these systems, please feel free to contact us to learn more. In the meantime, read on to learn more about them and how we can help make them a part of your home.

What Sets Mini-Split Systems Apart from Other Options?

When it comes to functionality, mini-split systems work much like other types of HVAC systems. During the summer months, they draw in warm, moist air and remove excess heat and humidity. Then, they return cooler, drier air to your home. When it’s cold outside, they pull in cold air, transfer energy to it to make it warm, and send that nice, heated air out into your home. That’s where the similarities end, though. Mini-split installation in Lascassas TN can bring you several advantages over the other options on the market.

    • Improved Efficiency. Mini-splits can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs thanks to their improved efficiency. Central HVAC systems can lose a great deal of heated and cooled air through their ductwork before it even reaches the rooms in your home. Mini-split systems don’t require ductwork, so there’s no air to be lost between the outdoor and indoor units.
    • Less Bulk. Central HVAC systems are bulky and unsightly. They take up space both inside and outside your home. Mini-split systems are much smaller than their counterparts. Their small, sleek design takes up far less space, so you’ll have the square footage to spare for more important things, like shrubs and home decor. At the same time, this makes them perfect for people who don’t have much space to begin with.
    • Zoned Heating and Cooling. Another difference between mini-split and traditional ducted systems is the ability to control the temperature in each room rather than the entire home. These systems can have up to four indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit, and each indoor unit operates independently of the others. That means you can adjust the temperature in each room or even turn off the system in rooms that aren’t being used.
    • More Affordable Installation. Additionally, mini-split AC installation in Lascassas TN tends to be less expensive than that of central systems. Since the process doesn’t require installing ductwork or redirecting existing ductwork, the cost of labor and materials is much lower. Our technicians simply have to create a few small holes in your walls for the connections between the units and mount the units themselves.

Those are the primary benefits of mini-split systems. They provide effective heating and cooling while taking up minimal space. They also save you money during initial installation and over time. With regular filter cleanings and our annual inspection and maintenance services, these systems will last you for years to come and retain their original efficiency levels.

Let Us Bring You All the Benefits of a Mini-Split System

Whether your home isn’t equipped with central air conditioning or you’re having rooms added onto your home, a mini-split system is a great solution. It’s also an optimal choice if you’re simply looking to replace your outdated HVAC system or get rid of those unsightly, energy-draining window units and space heaters. Here at Affordable Air Solutions, we’re your local mini-split specialists. Our team has over 30 years of experience in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs, and we can help you take advantage of all the benefits these systems have to offer. Call us or contact us through the form on our website to schedule a consultation or installation appointment today.